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Babes Of Emorion

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KellyQueen DramaTeen

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CandaceEyeCandy (born on 16-2-2002)

She enjoys long beach days, shopping and occassional wine drinking. she’s a virgin but also a lesbian. she’s very proud of her figure. (and rightly so wouldn’t you say?)

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Milawa Swaysee

Milawa (born on 12-5-2002)

This young little asian girl loves being the sub, she’s had sex with over 20 men already. will you help pay for her college pretty please?

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Queen Bee Of Emorion (born on 21-8-2000)

The first Babe Of Emorion, she was raped when she was young and in an effort to reclaim her sexuality, signed up for the Babes Of Emorion program! show her some love by paying for her stuff.

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