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Accidentally Sent Nudes To Best Guy Friend

Elaine, 14: Sent My Nudes To Best Guy Friend

This happened earlier this year, I had just begun to get self-conscious about my body because of puberty and the hassle that comes with it. One night I was standing in front of the mirror, but wanted to know what I looked like from the back. especially bending down. So I recorded a short video of me doing multiple angles. I rewatched it but was tired so decided to go to bed. The next day, my friend Chase was supposed to come over to hang out. But this is where the corona lockdown hit. His parents didn’t allow him to leave the house, so we decided to use Whatsapp to call. As we were in the call I wanted to send him a meme about Ketchup (it’s an inside joke). I downloaded it and went to whatsapp, clicked on add file. at this point, my mom called for me to help with the dishes.

So i told him brb, and clicked send. little did I know my gallery hadn’t updated yet. so instead I sent the video… I was brb for a solid 10 minutes. when I returned, I remember he only made a grunting noise like he didn’t know what to say. I asked him what was up. He just told me check what I sent. so I checked and my only reaction was covering my mouth in shock. I was embarrassed out of my skin. I just removed the message and left the call. I couldn’t even message him anything. There were just these questions running through me. “did he watch all of it?”, “did he save it?”, “will he show anyone else?”… It took me untill 4 days later to pick up the courage to finally talk it out. he told me he watched half of it, which is still 1 minute and 20 seconds of a lot of angles. now every time we hang out, I feel like he’s oogling me, but I am pretty sure that’s my paranoia.