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Guy Finds Out GF Had Nudes Leaked

Damian, 18: My GF’s Nudes Were Leaked

My GF (20) and I met in High School. we’ve been together for 2 years and everything seemed alright. That was until I showed one of my friends a picture of my GF. Turns out, he recognised her from a porn site for amateur nudes. I couldn’t believe it. there she was. the woman I was planning on proposing to, in all sorts of compromising positions, in high quality with close-ups and everything… just for the world to see. I vomited 3 times before looking again. the pictures had been seen 45.000 times. there were all sorts of comments by horny guys. It made me so, so sick. I decided to confront her about it. That night, as we were eating take-out taco bell, she could tell something was up and asked me what was wrong. I told her that I found the page with her nudes. she just laughed and told me to stop being ridiculous. this caught me by surprise, she never seemed to be a liar to me before. I took out my phone and went to the page. I gave my phone to her and as she was scrolling, her face turned pale.

At this moment, I knew what was going on. I just said “you didn’t post these did you… ?” she just shook her head and started tearing up. I held her because I felt guilty now for thinking she was a hoe. She went to bed and stayed with me for a bit. my parents didn’t question it because they knew something was awry. I contacted the website to have the pics removed, they agreed and suspended the account and IP. but the damage was already done… because not even 2 weeks later a lot of our friends found out too. she became a real wreck and I was starting to struggle supporting her. then one day, she said she’d never want to have children. when we got together i made it very clear I wanted children. this was the final droplet of stress that pushed me over the edge. I broke up with her. ever since our breakup, I’ve been feeling relieved. I heard that she’s currently in a mental institution, I just hope she gets the care she needs.