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Guy Impregnates Cheating Married Woman

Oliver, 24: I Impregnated The Cheating Woman I Was Banging

A Little bit of history, I am Oliver and my kink is married women. something about cucking other men makes me feel powerful, it’s the womans fault to agree to it anyway. So, anyway, there was this one woman named Bailey (20) she recently got married to her boyfriend of 2 years. thing is, they’ve never had sex as they wanted to wait for marriage. so Bailey, some friend and I went out for drinks one night. she really let lose on the dancefloor, so I proceeded to make a move as she was drunk and 100 miles from sober. I seduced her and before she knew it, I carried her to my car. I parked the car on a hill where noone ever shows up. she was so out of it, she had been using molly and alcohol together. bad combo. I told her “hey, how about you take off your shirt?” she agreed happily and I took out my phone to film her as she was singing about ducklings. “take off that bra too” I said. she complied without even answering. Now let me tell you, this girl had perky, firm yet large tits with medium sized nipples and small aereola’s. it was like perfection.

I proceeded to say “take off the rest” and she again, complied without answer. she just kept singing about ducklings. her pussy was shaved and she had one of those pointy peaches. my favourite. I told her “have some fun and rub your clit”. she complied and stopped singing. instead little tiny moans started to occur as she rubbed herself, legs spread, full view of all her assets on my phone’s camera in full HD (Thanks Sony). I then proceeded to move into the backseat and said “let me help you”. she smiled and said “thank you”. I licked her out for about 6 minutes before sucking her nipples for another 5 awhile grabbing her ass, I took off all my clothes and turned her around. I slammed her from the back as her moans became more excited over time. it took me another 6 minutes before I decided to come inside her. I could definitely tell she was a virgin by the blood. she collapsed after that. I filmed her close up, then clothed her again. brought her home to her parents house. 4 weeks later I hear she’s pregnant but can’t remember how it happened. but I still revisit those pictures and videos everyday.