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Guy Wakes Up Naked Surrounded By Girls

Robert, 16: I Woke Up Naked Surrounded By My Sister’s Friends

My Sister and her friends were on a trip, and weren’t supposed to come back until monday. so on friday night, having the house all to myself I decided to watch TV on the couch in my birthday suit. After watching a marathon of CSI Miami I was too tired to go my room so fell asleep on the couch. The next day I woke up, hearing giggling. I was still a bit woozy but could vaguely see the silhouttes of people standing around me. “hey” I said as they just kept looking at my crotch. I decided to look too and saw I had a massive erection. One of the girls flashed with their phone and I heard a camera shutter noise. this moment, I became wide awake and realised that they were my sisters 5 friends and that I was stark naked and one of them had just taken a picture of my erection.

I yelled and ran but tripped because my legs were still asleep. everything went dark, by the time I came around, I was on the couch again and the girls were sitting by me. two girls were filming as another told another “touch it… I dare you” and that’s when I felt a poke against my now throbbing erection. everything went blurry again and I felt I was about to pass out again. I tried to speak, but one of the girls just whispered “shhh… we’ll take care of you”. When I woke up again, my erection had gone but i realised that I came during my blackout. I remember thinking, did the girls…? Suddenly I heard a voice from behind me saying “hello sleepyhead” followed by giggling. they were all filming me. “look at the little thing!” one of them said. I ran to my room and just sat there in silence for what felt like forever. sometimes in school I pass the group of girls and they look at me and giggle, even some that weren’t there. I am pretty certain alot of girls have seen me come while I was asleep. I still don’t know how to feel about it.