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Lost Virginity In School Closet

Samantha, 18: I Lost My Virginity In The Closet

I was 17, my boyfriend (18 at the time) was in the same classes as me and one day our math class of two hours was cancelled. he and I were sitting in the cafetaria when he pulled out a key from his pocket. I was genuinely confused. he just said let’s go and grabbed my arm and dragged me somewhere. there was a basement where students were allowed but just didn’t really have anything to do there except getting cleaning products. he took me into this closet and locked it. I asked him what he was doing, and he replied with a simple: I want to make out. my heart began to thump as I realised what he was trying to do. I didn’t exactly imagine it would happen like this, but his Alpha stature and tone really got me heated. he tenderly held my waist as he kissed me a few times, untill our tongues were entwined, at which point he grabs my ass. i let out a quick groan as I was surprised. he looked me in the eyes, in a pause, like he was trying to check if I was okay. which subsequently just turned me on even more.

he started to release my bra beneath my shirt. this wasn’t that special as although we had never done it before, I had been topless around him before during hot summers. He took off my shirt, and I thought for a moment that was going to be it for a while. but no. he instantly put his hand down my pants from the back, reaching all the way across my anus to my vagina. he just held the outside of it and slowly rubbed it. at this point I became soaking down there. he caught onto that and took off my pants and then my panties. he started licking me and I was surprised. my moans were quite shallow and shaky. he then proceeded to take off his pants and for the first time ever, I saw his dick. it was quite small, at least I thought it was. but he picked me up and threw me against the wall and slowly inserted it into me. at this point I redacted my thought about his size. it felt huge inside me. he fucked me quite roughly. but I enjoyed every second of it. after I had come, he asked if he could come in my mouth. I just gobbled it up like a hungry maniac and went haywire on the sucking. he came instantly but I kept sucking it for like 2 minutes more. and that’s the story of how I lost my virginity in a school closet.